FREE Download! Guide: How To Attract New Customers with Email and Social (with FREE 60 Day Email Trial)

FREE Download! Guide:How to Grow Your Business and Attract New Customers with an Email and Social Strategy.(and FREE 60 Day Email Trial*)


Email marketing and social media marketing have reshaped the marketing landscape for small businesses. But the results that come from using them separately barely scratch the surface of what they offer when used together.
In this guide we’ll tell you why small businesses need to embrace a strategy that brings their email marketing and social media marketing efforts together. Then, we’ll show you how to combine your email and social media marketing efforts, and provide real-life examples of businesses that have used both to grow their business and attract new customers.
You’ll learn how to:
  • Understand the Relationship Between Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing
  • Turn Social Connections into Email Contacts
  • Make Your Email Marketing More Social Than Ever
Plus, we’ll show you four examples from other small businesses and nonprofits that have put email + social strategies into action and achieved great results.

*You can sign up for a FREE 60-Day Trial of Email Marketing today. 
No risk. 
No obligation. 
No credit card.

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