Voice-Over Talent

Easy-to-work-with, flexible,  professional voiceover artist with over 20 years of experience. Easily accommodating deadlines, direction and client expectations with no drama and a positive, energetic attitude.


Bill Blett voiceover Centerpoint Mall (also wrote) Television Commercial Confident Engaging Friendly 

Bill Blett voiceover Broadway Theater Guild TV Commercial Positive Upbeat Approachable 

Bill Blett Internet Video Training VO Friendly Authentic Believable Profession

Bill Blett E-Learning Educational Voice over Knowledgeable Authoritative Believable

Bill Blett Telephone Voice Over Friendly Professional Conversational

Bill Blett Telephone Voice Over Warm Authentic Inviting


Voice over experience with commercial production and narration. Immediately available for Internet videos, Radio and Television commercials, Animation and Video game characters, Business applications, Telephone and voice assistant audio, Documentaries, Educational and Podcasting projects.


Radio and TV broadcast and Advertising Agency experience in Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Detroit, MI.

Editing, proofreading, and copy-writing skills as/if needed


High-quality audio from professional home studio space.
No charge for necessary retakes or if you want to hear alternate deliveries.
Fast turnaround, under 22 hours
Excellent copy analysis and ability to self-direct. Proofreading, editing, copywriting skills if/as needed.


Voices.com link: https://www.voices.com/actors/bblett#bio