Marketing Capability

Marketing Communications Management and Business Development

Ideas That Get Results… Optimizing Your Marketing Communications Online and Offline Providing an Integrated Approach Using Traditional, Web, and Social Media…
With over $30 million of gross revenues created…You can take advantage of over 20 years of successful advertising, sales, marketing and promotions experience. For an unbiased perspective, the truth, and no B.S. Call on me Key Product Categories: Medical and Professional, Medical Device, Retail, Automotive, Beverage, QSR, Entertainment/Events, Education, Grocery, B2B, B2C and Media

Contact me for your FREE 1/2 Hour Initial Consultation: or Call 612-656-9160

Bill Blett Marketing Communications is an elite advertising copywriter in the Chanhassen, MN advertising copywriters directory on

Working With The Biggest Names

I have worked with some great companies throughout the years as a Promotion Director, Marketing Director and Advertising Sales Account Executive. We have put together fun and effective promotions and public relations activities.

What Clients Say

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