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Do You need to get that project off the back burner? Are you looking for “one voice” for all your communications? Are Marketing, IT, and Sales working together? Are you always putting off the last couple things on your “to do” list? How’s your “One-of-these-days-I-need-to…” project coming along?
As not just an online copywriter, but as a salesperson who knows how to write, think of me as the least expensive and most impactful seller you will ever hire. If you need a shorter campaign or special project completed, don’t do it yourself. Hand it off to me and get back on track. I will save you time, increase your efficiency, enhance your image, and make your life easier. I’ll bring a fresh perspective, my 20+ years of advertising, promotions and sales experience and a results-oriented, return-on-investment outlook.

I offer the following writing services:

*All services below are offered a la carte but may be bundled once a specific marketing objective is established. Also, as with all my services, an initial consultation is included free

Contact me for your FREE 1/2 Hour Initial Consultation: or Call 612-656-9160

Bill Blett Marketing Communications is an elite advertising copywriter in the Chanhassen, MN advertising copywriters directory on

Working With The Biggest Names

I have worked with some great companies throughout the years as a Promotion Director, Marketing Director and Advertising Sales Account Executive. We have put together fun and effective promotions and public relations activities.

What Clients Say

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